[sc34wg3] Heads up! SC36 Liaison coming

Mason, James David (MXM) sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 22:41:49 -0400

If Frank and I declare a liaison between our two SCs, I can appoint you or
anyone else an interim liaison representative (until we can get to a plenary
to make it official), and then you can show up at SC36 functions.

The details on the Singapore meeting are on the JTC1 Web Site, though your
national body probably also has them.


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Hi Jim,

>I just had a conversation with Frank Farrance, Chairman of JTC1/SC36,
>which deals with applications of IT to education and training.. He's 
>wildly enthusiastic about Topc Maps and wants to promote their use in the 
>SC36 context; he wants to establish better liaison.
>He plans to discuss this at the next SC36 meeting, at a conference in
>Korea, and at JTC1 (which meets in Singapore in November: anyone want to

Can you send me the details of the Singapore meeting? I may be able to 
attend. Lars Marius, Naito-san and  I met with one of the Japan delegates 
of SC 36 last year and at that time and she was also very much interested 
in topic maps (I need to hunt down here name card).  SC36 seems to be very 
active in Japan.  I will see if I can attend one of the Japan sc36 meetings 
as a guest.

As far as I can remember, they are working on standards such as SCORM for 
online training. They might be working on a controlled vocabulary for 
educational concepts.


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