[sc34wg3] Comments on the "particular editorial solution" ;-)

Martin Bryan sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:10:13 -0000

Lars Marius wrote in response to my:
> | The DSDL team asked for ISO Central Secretatiat's advice on this,
> | and had to abandon our original idea of describing the overall
> | framework of the standard as part of the Overview. We came to the
> | conclusion that we had to split the information about the role and
> | structure of the standard from the technical data that we originally
> | planned to put in this section.
> That sounds like exactly what we are trying to do. Where did you
> decide to put that information in the end?

We put the technical material in a new part. The problem is that you have a
tuturial. You can either put that as an informative annex to the overview,
or as a separate TR. Note that 8879 did both: it had an informative tutorial
as an annex and then started a multipart technical report (9573) to provide
a longer set of examples (including example entity sets). This latter
approach fits more neatly with the W3C convention of having lots of
explanatory documents relating to a formal description.