[sc34wg3] OASIS working on XML notation for music

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
05 Nov 2003 12:48:44 +0100

I guess this is relevant to this committee, given that we are working
on SMDL:

  OASIS has created a public email list for the purpose of discussing
  the creation of a Technical Committee related to machine-processable
  XML music notation. According to a draft proposal for discussion,
  the purpose of the Music Notation XML TC would be to develop a
  standard XML interchange format for common Western musical
  notation. Existing XML applications such as MusicXML and MEI would
  likely provide a basis for the markup language design.

Link: http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2003-11-04-a.html

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