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Thanks Jim for the clarification. It has been a little unclear to me how 
the two groups should be working together within the liaison framework. 
This is clearer. See you in Montreal!


At 08:59 AM 7/30/2003 -0400, Mason, James David (MXM) wrote:
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>Just looking at things from the administrative point of view:
>OASIS has the full liaison connection with SC34 itself, which means they can
>comment on any SC34 project, not just TMs. (Remember, they got into SC34
>primarily over RELAX NG.) Karl Best is responsible for their end of the
>liaison, and so he's nominally responsible for appointing delegates to SC34
>and its WGs; in practice this seems to be delegated. We also have the right
>to comment, as SC34, on relevant OASIS projects.
> From the SC34 side, I generally accept that any OASIS member (whether from a
>TM committee or not) is welcome at any SC34 or WG meeting. I'm not
>responsible for determining whether opinons expressed are personal or
>officially from OASIS.
>When we started this liaison, there seemed to be an informan understanding
>that in the area of TMs, SC34 would be responsible for standardization and
>OASIS would work on applications, support, and promotion. This is not
>binding; it just seemed appropriate and practical at the time. How things
>work out from the OASIS side isn't SC34's concern: we just accept whatever
>the liaison representatives bring in.
>(I think that JTC1 would be unhappy if we did OASIS business during an SC34
>meeting, even if the participants in the SC34 meeting were also all OASIS
>members. So we need to keep OASIS questions on another mailing list, unless
>SC34 is in the process of generating a liaison to OASIS.)
>Looking at it from a personal point of view:
>I support the OASIS work, but I find there's a limit to what I can
>contribute. But I want to be at least somewhere in the picture (after all, I
>just renewed my membership this week!).
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>Mary Nishikawa wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I think that we need some time to discuss our liaison work with OASIS
> > and how that work is progressing in relation to SC34WG3. There has been
> > recent talk about retiring the committees and regrouping. What does
> > everyone think?
> >
>Not sure how profitable a discussion of the liaison work with OASIS will
>be until we reach a common understanding of how the work in OASIS will
>be progressing. Not objecting to the discussion, just think it will be
>more productive with a common understanding of the future of the OASIS
>I am not sure that the organizational form of the work in OASIS is the
>cause of the lack of progress. While it seems too obvious for comment,
>it is the case that if you could get the right 8-10 people together
>(probably more like 4-6) you would have the bulk of the work that is
>going on in both ISO and OASIS. That is not in any way meant to
>denigrate the work by those individuals but simply to note that we don't
>have ownership of the topic maps paradigm by a large enough group of
>Yes, I know that people have been asked to participate but that is not a
>one shot sort of thing. If the people we asked the first time don't want
>to participate, we should ask them again. Not to mention asking other
>people as well. And keep on asking.
>It is not a winning strategy for organizations (or intellectual
>movements) to simply say: "Well, they know we are here and can
>participate if they want to." Please realize that I work for an
>organization that for most of its history has approached fund raising
>with the attitude that people knew we were here and needed money so they
>should send it right on. You can imagine the success rate of that
>strategy for raising money. Fortunately, that has been changing under
>the current director and that has changed the results of fund raising,
>in a positive way.
>Personally I am interested in discussing how we increase the ownership
>of the topic maps paradigm so that we have the critical mass of people
>to both generate interest in OASIS TCs as well as make substantial
>progress in them. (Note the emphasis on planning for the future and not
>chewing over the past. Despite my many delusions, I have never seriously
>thought that I could change the past.)
>Does that sound like the beginnings of something we could productively
>Oh, negative on regrouping, that would just cause confusion and shuffle
>the people we already have. I think there are some short term
>deliverables that we can push out of each one that might spark some
>interest in the topic maps paradigm. Need to generate the attitude:
>"Gee, I would like to do that!" about some of our deliverables.
>Hope you are having a great day!
> > Cheers,
> > Mary
> >
> >
> >> The revised draft agenda is therefore as follows:
> >>
> >>  - Friday Aug 1
> >>    - reporting on HyTM from NBs
> >>    - timetable of work
> >>    - input to editors of 13250-1: what should be in there
> >>    - discuss RM requirements
> >>
> >>  - Saturday Aug 2
> >>    - discuss 13250-3 issues
> >>    - discuss CXTM requirements
> >>
> >>  - Sunday Aug 3
> >>    - discuss TMQL requirements
> >>    - discuss TMQL use cases
> >>    - TMQL action items from London
> >>
> >>  - Monday Aug 4
> >>    - discuss TMCL requirements
> >>    - discuss TMCL use cases
> >>    - TMCL action items from London
> >>
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