[sc34wg3] Draft agenda for Montreal meeting

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:24:23 +0200

Kal wrote:

| I won't be arriving in Montreal until Friday evening so can we move the
| CTXM discussion to one of the other days ?

I think that might be a good idea. Doesn't make a lot of sense
to discuss CXTM without the editor present :)

Lars Marius would like Kal to be present at the 13250-3 (XTM)
discussion as well, since he is one of the people that has
actually implemented an XTM serializer/deserializer.

Since I would rather not break up the TMQL and TMCL sessions
on Sunday and Monday, I suggest doing the RM discussion on
Friday and moving CXTM to Saturday. Patrick on behalf of the
RM editors indicated his preference for Saturday but said that
"Friday PM would work as well", so I hope this is acceptable
for all.

The revised draft agenda is therefore as follows:

 - Friday Aug 1
   - reporting on HyTM from NBs
   - timetable of work
   - input to editors of 13250-1: what should be in there
   - discuss RM requirements

 - Saturday Aug 2
   - discuss 13250-3 issues
   - discuss CXTM requirements

 - Sunday Aug 3
   - discuss TMQL requirements
   - discuss TMQL use cases
   - TMQL action items from London

 - Monday Aug 4
   - discuss TMCL requirements
   - discuss TMCL use cases
   - TMCL action items from London


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