[sc34wg3] Montreal agenda and cost for attendance

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:17:32 +0200

Mary wrote:
| Since we all need to confirm our flight bookings in the next couple of 
| days, can you confirm the schedule, agenda, and cost for 
| attendance. Thank you.

Unless someone suggests changing it, the schedule is the one given
in N423 - August 1-4 (Friday to Monday) in Montreal, Canada. There
are tutorials on the Monday, so if the meeting is to be shortened
to three days, Monday would be the best day to cut out.

I would like to have proposals for the agenda, some kind of idea
about who intends to be there, and any "special requirements"
regarding scheduling of particular sessions.

My own thoughts are as follows:

(1) The data model and XTM syntax (ISO 13250 parts 2 and 3) don't
    need to be discussed unless the editors really want to - they
    can both go straight to CD ballot without further discussion.

(2) Priority should be given to work items for which new documents
    will have been distributed in advance of the meeting.

Personally I would like to see real progress made on TMQL and TMCL
at this meeting.

Please send your proposals to this list as soon as possible.

As regards cost, I don't anticipate a need to start charging until
the December meeting in Philadelphia.

Best regards,