[sc34wg3] occurrence - basename fuzzy border

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
24 Feb 2003 20:59:45 +0100

* Murray Altheim
| This discussion begs a bigger question, i.e., is work being done
| on a new version of XTM that is intended to
|    a. fix bugs and correct documentation mistakes
|    b. add desired features not included in XTM 1.0

Very well put. I've tried several times to have a principled debate on
this within the committee, but have invariably found myself to be the
only person interested in the subject, so I've just muddled on as best
I could.
| While my opinion matters only as just another opinion on the matter,
| I'd not sign up to the latter; I'm not interested, I think it's
| dangerous, and ignores recent history. I've not looked at the
| requirements on the new work, so I'm speaking from ignorance here.

Thanks for making your opinion clear. (Yes, I do mean that. I wish
people in this community would be better at expressing their opinions.
This comes in two parts: a) having an opinion, and b) expressing it

| We need more than any feature something a feature would not give us:
| stability.

Agreed. On the hand, in fixing the bugs we found it necessary to
introduce a new feature (type on names), so although I personally set
out to do a. only we've been forced into b. territory by political and
technical pressures.

Since two important members of the community (Nikita and Geir Ove)
both wanted variants on occurrences I wanted to have a discussion of
this, and so encouraged Geir Ove to put his views forward. Both he and
Nikita have now done so, and now we're having the debate.

So far we've learned that you are against, and that Ann and Martin do
not appear to be especially keen on it. We've also learned *why* Geir
Ove and Nikita would like to see this. That's pretty much the sum
total of the utility of this thread so far.

| If you hear my criticism of "vendors" it's perhaps simply a foil for
| that all-to-human desire for "progress", which sometimes is not
| progress at all. [and honestly, I wasn't making any statement of
| anyone's motivations; as I tried to explain I was trying to
| understand this feature request in some way *other* than (b) above]


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