[sc34wg3] occurrence - basename fuzzy border

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
23 Feb 2003 23:29:45 +0100

* Murray Altheim
| This smacks so strongly of featuritis that I can't help but do the
| common thing of accusing you of being an application vendor. Michel
| had advocated (as I'm sure you remember) filling out <occurrence>
| with an entire <baseName> substructure.

And we argued against it...
| I think that while this may assist to some degree in display or
| application-level processing, it is contrary to the paradigm in that
| it fills out a topic map with style information, just as HTML ended
| up with a ton of presentational content. What you're really talking
| about is presentation, and a clever software system will contain
| clever algorithms for sorting and display, caching, etc. It has
| little or no place in an XTM document, IMO.

I don't see the difference with name variants here. They do precisely
the same thing, but for names rather than occurrences.

I also think you are wrong to assume that the scope attached to
occurrence variants must necessarily be presentational in nature
rather than semantic. If people create 'small' and 'big' variants of
their images, what's wrong with that?

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