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Mason, James David (MXM) sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:25:20 -0500

The current SC34/WG3 list has four people with administrator privileges:
Newcomb, Pepper, Biezunski, and me. Except on the weekends, I try to deal
with stuff early in the morning. As Michel says, it's pretty quick work. The
only serious work will be for someone at Coolheads to set up a second
mailing list.

It's a good thing that the server is a Linux box and that we administer it
through a Web interface. Someone in SC34 just got hit with a virus, which
mailed itself to the list. I killed it on the server.

Jim Mason

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Subject: [sc34wg3] RE: [tmql-wg] TM?L mail lists move


There is some work involved in managing such a list,
which consists in rejecting the spam messages
(sometimes up to 15/20 per day). The mailman
mechanism is rejecting systematically all the mail that
is not created by subscribers. The problem is since these lists
are publicly available, sometimes someone answers in good
faith and need to be authorized. What also happens is when
people who are subscribed use another machine than the one
they usually use, or an alternative email address, they
get rejected.

I am able to catch most of the spam and sometimes viruses.

I have been confronted sometimes by spammers registering
to the list. I have de-subscribed them after their first

Apart from the work required (around 5 minutes per day) I
feel the mailman lists are working pretty well.

One thing you may consider is to discourage people
to send attachments to the list, and instead send them
to the administrator who should put them on the web
site. That's another way to decrease the chances of
getting the list members infected by viruses.


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> Subject: [tmql-wg] TM?L mail lists move
> >*LMG
> >So far we have the following votes on the XMLhack.com vs
> >isotopicmaps.org issue, which means that it's quite evenly balanced.
> I have another idea after looking at the XML Hack site.
> Why don't we have the lists on isotopicmaps.org, and ask Ed to post the
> link to our mail group on the xml Hack home page under Key XML Resources.
> This seems to be the best solution.
> The mail lists posted here are not hosted by xml-hack.
> Our Web site: isotopicmaps.org should also be listed, as well as our
> Specifications and Organization.
> See below.
> Cheers,
> Mary
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> xml-dev
> xml-l
> xsl-list
> www-rdf-interest
> xhtml-l
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> XML.com
> Robin Cover's SGML/XML page
> Eclectic (xml-dev)
> Cafe con Leche
> XSLT.com
> XMLfr
> RDF @ W3C
> XML-RPC.com
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