[sc34wg3] FW: Proposal for Starter Content

Murray Altheim sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Sat, 30 Aug 2003 20:36:44 +0100

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 > Might this be a source for PSIs?
 > Jim

Ann Wrightson wrote:
> Yes - this is v. well founded work that has a wide range of
> applicability across many industries.

Jim & Ann,

What would be the copyright or IPR issues in doing so? I saw that
list and went, wow! sorta like my own "Ceryle authoring ontology"
(which is a fairly straightforward upper ontology) and of course
a bit like things like SUO and Cyc...

So my second question is therefore:  does this project have any
relationship to these existing upper ontology projects?

If there aren't any IPR issues, I wouldn't mind hooking the
URLs into my own upper ontology where there is subject identity,
i.e., mapping between the various ontologies I'm using or planning
to use and this one.

And that brings up a third question, is there going to be a final
resting place for this spec, such that I can continue to point to


as having the same subject as Cyc's #$Thing and Ceryle's "Thing"?

If there aren't any IPR issues and there is a base URL available,
I'm happy to do this work, BTW. I'm looking for all sorts of
upper ontologies that my target audience (fiction and nonfiction
writers) can use as classification schemes. I'd like to use Dewey,
but can't because of copyright (apparently).



BTW, I just got back from HyperText 2003 in Nottingham, and one of
the papers there (to my mind) essentially reinvented Topic Maps.
Though they didn't talk much about things like subject identity
or some of the other thornier issues we have been grappling with.

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> Subject: SUO: Proposal for Starter Content
> Dear Colleagues,
> You will be aware that I have been invovled in developing the EPISTLE
> Core Model, a data model that constitutes a 4 dimensional upper
> ontology, which is being standardised as ISO 15926-2. This has now
> reached the stage of being published for its Final Draft International
> Standard ballot.

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