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Michel Biezunski sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
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You probably have not read my proposed changes
for the agenda, because in my proposal
the time allocated for TMCL is unchanged.
If you find the time is too short, let
us know when we are trying to introduce
some changes.

Just for clarification, I am acting as an
editor of ISO 13250 and not representing
one camp against another fighting for
time allocation. I am interesting in
one thing: how things fit together.

What I want to is to augment the time that
the TMM group can have because
the meeting will give an opportunity for
those who have said they don't understand
it to be exposed to it in much detail so
that I hope at the end they will be able
to understand it. Understanding is just
the first step. But one can't avoid it.

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> >*Michel
> > > This question seems to me so important
> > > that I am proposing to modify the agenda for the
> > > meeting so that more time would be allocated
> > > to understand the TMM.
> I want the agenda as we have it now.
> I would have to say, I envy you for having all of Saturday afternoon.
> You have a central time slot so everybody will probably be there.
> Please understand that the newcomers; like myself,  and everyone else,
> need all the minutes  that we have been scheduled for. Graham and I are
> preparing our slides now, and we need every bit of our allotted two hours.
> We may have some ideas that are worth talking about, I think :)
> Cheers,
> Mary
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