[sc34wg3] Editorial structure of N0396

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
23 Apr 2003 09:04:02 +0200

* Lars Marius Garshol
| The facts here are that if we don't send SAM to CD now TMCL and TMQL
| will have to be delayed. Work on them will not be able to start now,
| but will have to await resolution of SAM/RM.

* Sam Hunting
| I don't understand this statement. At least if I understood Norway's
| position correctly, the SAM cannot and should not be "sent to CD
| now." 

For "now", substitute "when rewritten to proper ISO style and with all
issues resolved".

| And work on TMCL and TMQL *has* begun "now", unless gathering
| requirements is not a form of work. (Certainly it was always seemed
| like work to me.)

We've been gathering TMQL requirements since 2001. We haven't done
anything else. While we've certainly done "work" I think it's fair to
say there's been no progress on this, and that the only thing we can
do while waiting is gather more requirements and use cases. Work on
the language itself must necessarily be at a standstill.

Do you agree, or does this make you want to argue the definition of
"standstill" so that you can avoid admitting the facts for another few
| And leaving aside the question of whether delay of TMCL and TMQL is
| appropriate or inappropriate, I don't see that harm necessarily
| follows.

Well, I do. Read what we've written, and you'll see why. We can't

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