[sc34wg3] Editorial structure of N0396

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
23 Apr 2003 00:58:04 +0200

* Lars Marius Garshol
| I don't think it's very controversial to claim that the changes
| needed to conform to the ISO style are relatively minor. Whether
| everybody would be happy to see it go into CD once it conforms to
| the ISO style but still as the same technical substance is another
| matter.

* Sam Hunting
| Perhaps only slightly controversial? ;-) 

Possibly. :-)

| The foreword is missing from your list above, BTW, and I'm not sure
| that's minor.

The only bit that could prove difficult is explaining the relationship
to the RM, but the ISO directives tell me that the first part, which
would have to be the SAM if we follow N0278/N0323, only has to explain
the structure of the standard. We could do that adequately today, even
if the RM remains as part of the standard.
| Two texts *may* have the same substance, though they are different,
| but it's unlikely in the general case, and especially unlikely when
| the text has just been converted or transformed or translated from
| one "style" to another. Text is buggy like anything else. That's why
| I keep saying one way to "move on" is to create a conformant,
| version of N0396 -- and I think you agree.

Oh, certainly. In fact, that's precisely the way I *do* want to move
| This source of N0393 would make the claim that its technical
| substance has been stable between this revision and the last one,
| but I wouldn't expect anyone else to take that claim on faith;
| rather, a detailed clause-by-clause examination would be the best
| way to assess that claim, and by testing the text, would make it
| stronger.

I've read it and obviously it has not been stable. For one thing, the
formalism used is now different.
| As for "happiness" -- I don't know what the metric for that inner
| state might be. But expressed agreeement in the form of a consensus
| would be a one proxy for it ;-)

That, and voting, are the only alternatives we have.

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