[sc34wg3] N0391-0394: New SAM/XTM documents

Jan Algermissen sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 19:05:52 +0200

Robert Barta wrote:

> For me it is important that I can use TMs
> for all ontological activities:
>    - authoring & maintaining

This is within the realm of the TMM. I think that especially
distributed authoring and versioning of topic maps require
an underlying model that is as simple as possible. (For that
reason I think it is unneccessarily complex that N0396 has
occurrences as a particular item type while recognizing that
they are just specialized associations. Each additional construct
at the basic level adds to the complexity of the algorithms involved
in distributed authoring and versioning - IMHO).

>    - filter according to constraints

I'll see if I can generalice this at the TMM level, leaving the
concrete algorithms to the TMAs

>    - validate against contraints

see above. The notion of validation must be recognizable at the TMM
level, the particluar constraints go into TMAs.

>    - query
>    - distributed storage

Due to the SLUO, topic maps are just a perfect candidate for
distributed storage anyway, I think.

>    - large scale deployment

I am curious: what is 'large scale' for you?

> I see this so more from an engineering view point and less from an
> "what is the essence of a TM" one. 

Do you mean: I don't need quantum physics to built houses?

The TMM does not intend to be quantum physics, it is statics.
(sort of ;-)


> This is my lesson which I got from
> category theory: there are no ULTIMATE packages/classes. It all depends
> on what you do.
> > > In many cases applications will only need (a) for the time being,
> > > anyway, I would guess. And: The simpler (a) is, the better the chances
> > > to harmonize it with (b).
> >
> > What does 'simple' mean in this context? I'd say that we cannot get much simpler
> > than the TMM, or?
> Well, a thing is 'perfect' if you cannot remove anything from it
> without destroying it. The number of constraints in TMM is impressive,
> though. 'Simplicity' is not the first word which would come to my mind
> :-) TMM is almost as long as the core specs of all my AsTMa languages
> (not including the update) together.
> \rho
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