[sc34wg3] Questions on N0396: (9) The essence of N0396

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
18 Apr 2003 21:59:47 +0200

* Jan Algermissen
| To help me understand....would you agree that the SAM essentially
| describes a graph structure (where the information items are typed
| nodes and some properties are arcs)?

I don't usually think of it that way, but you certainly could turn the
thing into a graph by doing the transformation you suggest. You would
end up with a structure isomorphic to the SAM.
| It would also help me with the conformance issues. I think what Lars
| is currently developing in his mind is correct, I just can't get it
| into my graph-dominated head :o)

Do represent it as a graph for your own purposes if you feel that is
easier. The current RM seems to use a formalism closer to that of the
SAM than to a graph, but you know best what works for you, I suppose.

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