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Jan Algermissen sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:23:52 +0200

Hi Steve--

Steve Pepper wrote:

> OK. Then I think I understand a lot more. In a sense,
> what the RM is saying is:
> * Here is a generic model of topics and assertions
>    (and, most importantly, subject identification
>    facilities) that can be used to express [pretty
>    much] *any* kind of information.

Yes, exactly. And the TMA(s) that govern a particular
instance of this generic representation are what holds
all the semantics, all you need to know to make sense of
that information.

> * The SAM is a specialization of this model that
>    subclasses assertions as associations, occurrences,
>    names and variants (and permits a special kind of
>    assertion - called scope - to be made about those
>    assertions).

I think you have it right, but I want to rephrase that in
RM-speak to be sure. I'll do that later, have no time now.
> * All information models that can be thought of in
>    terms of topics and assertions[1] can be mapped to
>    the RM and those mappings can be documented in such
>    a way that humans can build applications that
>    integrate[2] information conforming to many
>    different models.

Yeah, that is the essence.

> Am I getting close? Is there anything else?

You are close.

> Steve
> [1] Which may be all information models, I don't know
>      yet.

I think all, it is *very* generic ;-)

> [2] The most important goal is such 'integration' is
>      achievement of the collocation objective ("SLUO").


I'll come back on all this later


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