[sc34wg3] SAM 3.4.4 Reification and 3.4.5 Properties

Luis J. Martinez sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
14 Apr 2003 14:42:44 -0400

Are the properties [subject addresses] and [reified] representing the
same thing when the subject is an information item in the topic map?

The component of Subject seems to be implied by the properties of
[subject identifiers], [subject addresses], and [reified]. Subjects
are an very important part of Topic Maps. Why don't we have a separate
component called Subject that can be compose of information items,
subject indicators, or AbstractTopicObjects. Is it possible to model
the Subject "component" instead of implying it?

Can we describe the AbstractTopicObject component separately with its
properties including [reifier] and express that is a generalization of
TopicName, Variant, Occurrence, Association, and AssociationRole? That
would make the model cleaner and clearly show that all of the above
mention items can be reified by a topic instead of repeating the
[reifier] property.

Luis J. Martinez
email: luisjm@luisjm.com