[sc34wg3] to advance Topic Maps

Sam Hunting sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Sat, 12 Apr 2003 12:20:39 -0400 (EDT)

> There is no lack of consensus regarding the SAM nor the TopicMap
> models. We have a roadmap document which outlines a work plan where
> there are two model parts to the topic map standard. This is agreed
> upon.

Re: "roadmap document" -- Here I repost material I posted at:

The last time the raod map issue map issue blew up.

    My personal view of the "roadmap" is that it is a rough guide to a
    division of labor in the topic map community, and as such it has
    served us very well. [...]

    The roadmap is necessarily rough (a) because we can't know in advance
    all the issues that will arise in working out the text of the
    standard(s), (b) because we can't know in advance how the text of the
    standard(s) will ultimately be arranged (as Michel cogently points
    out), (c) because it is apparently subject to a good deal of
    mid-course correction anyhow (as in Baltimore), a condition that is
    likely to persist in the future, given the desire or need for "wiggle
    room," etc., and (d) this is a committee anyhow. [...] A shorter way
    of saying this is that N323 cannot be, in the nature of the case, a
    project plan. (See especially point (c) supra.)

Basically what the road map did was allow two teams to work independently
to bring some deliverables to the state where the entire committee could
evaluate them. This has now been done -- and that is all that has been

Since each team worked independently, there was little communication
between the teams. It's therefore a mistake to confuse lack of comment
with consensus.

Personally, I think the TMM is "ready" and desperately needed -- not
merely to support TMAs like the SAM but other TMAs -- but then my views
don't count, do they? Exactly because they are *personal* views.

This whole discussion is mildly hilarious, actually -- the fact that we're
having an argumenet about whether consensus has been achieved could be
taken as a pretty good indication that consensus has *not* been
achieved. But that would be a mere debater's point, so I won't make it.

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