[sc34wg3] Minutes for upcoming meeting

Patrick Durusau sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 18:54:59 -0500


I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming meetings in Baltimore!

Before arriving at the meeting I am hopeful we can agree on some 
informal ground rules that will help me take better minutes of our 
dicussions. These are not written in stone but just suggestions that 
occurred to me after our last meeting that may result in better minutes.

1. To the extent possible (I realize some of the threads are very 
tangled), keep discussion focused on whatever agenda item is under 
discussion. This will help me keep all the comments under the 
appropriate agenda item. (Written agendas that I can paste into Emacs 
before the meeting would be most helpful.)

2. If the group reaches consensus, it would be helpful if whoever is 
leading that particular discussion would ask if consensus has been 
reached and then briefly recite that consensus for recording in the 
minutes. It may seem like overkill, but since we are meeting for four 
days, I would appreciate it if everyone would say something to the 
effect of: "write down consensus." ;-)

3. I will be bringing a digital camera with a microphone (assuming it 
works properly) to take pictures of diagrams and to record the 
discussion for help in formulating the minutes. Speak clearly.

4. Assuming there is no objection or policy to the contrary, I will be 
taking the notes in TEI XML format so I can flash the day's minutes, as 
HTML pages, largely raw and unedited, to the discussion list. Should 
provide an opportunity for those that had to stay at home to comment 
while the meeting is still in progress.

I want the minute taking and recording of proposed resolution of issues 
to be as unobstrusive as possible, yet consistent with capturing the 
substance of the group's discussions and consensus on issues. With a 
little help and some indulgence of my terrible spelling skills, I think 
we can have a useful record of the meeting(s).

Comments or suggestions?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore!


Patrick Durusau
Director of Research and Development
Society of Biblical Literature