TMCL Uniqueness rule Re: [sc34wg3] Draft Reference Model

Lars Marius Garshol
24 Nov 2002 19:09:18 +0100

* Sam Hunting
| I mean, the RM would provide the tools for definition through clause
| 5, not do the defining. I agree there's every reason to avoid doing
| this twice.

That sounds like the right solution to me. The details we can get to
| Not sure what you mean by "once for topic maps and once for the RM".

I needed a word for those things that consist of topics, occurrences,
and associations and after casting about for a bit ended up with
"topic maps". The current SAM/RM situations makes it a bit awkward to
discuss what we are doing sometimes. 

| I'd be a little reluctant to say that the RM had nothing to do with
| topic maps, wouldn't you?


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