[sc34wg3] SIDP vs. SID

Steven R. Newcomb sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
19 Nov 2002 09:57:31 -0600

[Bernard Vatant:]
> > 2. Subject Identity Discriminating Properties
> > (SIDPs) vs Other Properties (OPs)

> > It is, if I get it well, the coolest thing in all
> > the proposal, and the way to settle all the
> > identity-names-scope debate.

[Sam Hunting:]
> > Except that "SIDP" ishard to pronounce! (I keep
> > saying "s-dip")

"Martin Bryan" <mtbryan@sgml.u-net.com> writes:
> If you renamed them as Subject Identity
> Discriminators you'd just have SID
> (My father lives on the banks of the River Sid as
> SID-ford in Devon!)

But "Subject Identity Discriminator" and "SID" are
ambiguous terms.  When we hear someone say "Subject
Identity Discriminator", we can't be sure whether it's
a reference to a property, or to a property value.

Although I'm certainly not wedded to "Subject Identity
Discriminating Property", which is a whale of a
mouthful, or to "SIDP", which is not a very attractive
acronym, these terms have the advantage that, since
they include the word "property", they force us to
distinguish between the properties and the values.  You
have to say "SIDP value", if that's what you mean, and
when you say only "SIDP", we all know that you're
talking about a property, and not about a property
value.  (And the same goes for Other Property and OP.)

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