[sc34wg3] Which set is the unconstrained scope? (SAM-issue 'scope-unconstrained-rep')

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
09 Jun 2002 19:10:01 +0200

* Marc de Grauw
| 1) It is kind of strange to put this in a standard like the SAM. It
| would either require Topic Map authors to reify their Topic Map, or
| have a Topic Map merge process do it for them. While it is certainly
| often useful to reify your Topic Map, _requiring_ it would seem
| unnecessary.

* Bernard Vatant
| Reification might not be required. Another way would be (have been)
| to have <scope> as direct child of <topicMap> itself.  And when this
| element is not explicited, then the default scope would be the
| reified <topicMap>. or something like that.
That's a purely syntactic proposal; in the model the result would
still be reification. Also, it's not at all clear that this proposal
solves this particular problem. You can then scope the topic map, but
how does that affect the unconstrained scopes?

| Well ... "valid always and everywhere" is something I would never
| dare asserting.

I agree. Every topic map is implicitly a theme in all scopes in that
topic map. Whether that needs to be represented explicitly is another

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