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Patrick Durusau sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 16:31:22 -0400


Daniel Rivers-Moore wrote:

>I will not be in Montreal this year.
Sorry I did not get a chance to reply before the conference! I returned 
from Germany for three days and then left for Canada. Hope the meetings 
don't fall that closely together ever again! Guess I am too much of a 
home person. ;-) (Could not tell it from my frequent flyer account.)

Meetings went fairly well and I think we are making progress, although 
not as fast as anyone would like. Still, there is no serious competitor 
on the horizon, although that is not a reason to go slowly. I think it 
will begin to pickup speed, particularly once some of the non-commercial 
software hits 1.0 releases. Not that it will affect commercial sales 
because it will simply allow the IT folks to demonstrate the usefulness 
of the technique and then ask for commercially supported software.

The SBL continues to crank along and keep me fairly busy. Supposedly 
they are going to decide next month whether to re-issue my book, High 
Places in Cyberspace, as a topic map, with the eventual hiring of a 
full-time editor to coordinate the adding of resources. I will be the 
general editor or some nonsense like that, and will have designed the 
system, etc., but I really don't have the time to be very active in the 
day-to-day stuff.

Have made some real progress on overlapping markup research and aside 
from that, mainly participate in standards work and organizing the 
technical side of various SBL projects.

Will you be able to attend the XML 2002 meeting in Boston?

Not sure what European conferences (XML) that there will be next year, 
but I will be in Cambridge for the SBL International meeting next 
summer, 20-25 July 2003, and will probably arrive a day or so early and 
stay a day or two later to meet with people at the British Library and 
various other groups. If you think I can find the train to Swindon, I 
would like to come out to visit.

Hope you are at the start of a great week!


>Have a good series of meetings
>Daniel Rivers-Moore
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