[sc34wg3] Need definition of "Assertion" in Reference Model

Ann M Wrightson sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 1 Aug 2002 16:53:12 +0100

IMO what is called "assertion" in tm-speak is a piece of information held by
the tm.

Such a piece of information is often expressed in a natural language
assertion, but is IMO definitely not the same as a "proposition" in
propositional logic, or a "sentence" in predicate logic (since both these
terms involve applicability of inference rules). (Nor is it the same as an
"assertion" in most programming languages (I wouldn't like to affirm that
for "all" programming languages, as there are some doozies around ;-), but I
don't think that's very relevant.)

If there is a kanji representation available something like
"circumstance-noted" or "item-recorded" then IMO it would be more

Ann W.

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I guess everyone is busy to leave for the meetings.

I will need to report on the Reference Model and SAM at the next Japan sc34
meeting and we were discussing how to translate "assertion" properly in the
context of the Reference Model. The closest translation I can come up with
is, shu-chou  with the 2 Kanjis  meaning "main" and "stretch."

The translation in one dictionary for "assertion" has this kanji to
represent it.
It is also defined as, "to claim one's point; insistence." Does this
capture the meaning of "assertion" in the Reference model? Thanks.

Best regards,

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